We Consult you with a team of professional and our management efforts.We help you to do what you really  want to do. Our aim is to deliver a best support in all the ladder of your life.We have a professional team for you.And We work with latest technology which can help you to lead in a smart way.
Business Consultancy
Business Consultancy services are our core services.We work with our client to increase their business.We apply marketing and business strategies to rectify problems of our client.We also consult people for their best business and investments in best areas.We provide all services related to business such as advertisement,space allocation,marketing,manpower and financial plans. An enterprenue has power to change the world. We primarily concerned with strategy ,structure,management and operations of an organization. We will identify options for the organisation and suggest recommendations for change, as well as helping with additional resources to implement solutions.We operate across a wide variety of services such as:
1.Business Strategies
2.Marketing Works.
3.Financial and Management Controls.
4.Manpower and Recruitement
5.E-Business and Operation.
6.Supply-Chain Management.
7.Land and Space Allocation
Career Counselling
Career Counselling by Career Consultancy services , we provide guidance to incoming generation for their dream.We help students to make their best career on latest fields.We offered latest job consultancy,corporate training and other technical skill programs for peoples.We work on rural areas to aware them for their career by help of seminars and workshops.We are always ready for all helps related to your Careers and demand.A best guidance leads to best success . When you consult Samagra Tech,you will have access to the best possible career=related decisions. Samagra Career Counselling programmes will help you become clear about what you want to do and how to be focused in getting it.You may be waiting to review the career path you have taken,deal more effectively with work problems,or consider your work life balance.
How you can be clear -

1.What you enjoy and about what are passionate?
2.Your transeferable skills and true strengths and how to market them?
3.Your values and what really matters to you?
4.What you want and how best to achieve it?
5.The options available and how to evaluate them?